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Our Acne Hemp Seed Oil Salve, Blemish Prone Salve is specially formulated to help reduce inflammation and irritation caused by acne, blemishes, psoriasis, and eczema. Our salve is made of natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the skin and help to soothe problem areas. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation. This salve is perfect for those with sensitive skin and is an essential product for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes, psoriasis, and eczema.


Our salve is completely natural with no preservatives, no water, or any chemicals, and is scented with organic essential oils.


Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil:

  • May Help With Acne Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, and Dry Irritated Skin Conditions.
  • Daily moisturizer to firm, rejuvenate and tighten your skin while leaving it supple, plump, and luscious.
  • Method to gently repair stressed, dehydrated, and damaged skin, giving you a youthful glow.
  • May help with redness, discoloration, soreness, dull greasy skin, rashes, and a lackluster complexion, evening out your skin tone and reducing blotchiness.
  • May help counterbalance signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines
  • May help with inflammation
  • Soothing relief for sore muscles
  • Help with joint discomfort
  • Help control oil production
  • May help with reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • May help with reducing the risk of infection
  • May help with reducing symptoms of menopause



  • Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, & Organic Lavender, Peppermint and frankincense Essential Oils.


Directions: Wash and pat dry your face, apply a small amount to the affected areas with your finger, and gently massage the salve in well. Use as often as needed for any other skincare needs. 


Note: When ordering during hot/cold months, it is important to keep a watch for your package with the tracking number provided. Please be sure to retrieve your package once delivered to prevent excess elemental exposure. If your Balm/Salve/Ointment experiences melting, simply refrigerate until it solidifies. If your product freezes, let it thaw naturally at room temperature. Thank you for your understanding when ordering during extreme temperatures.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.


If you purchase the product and you are not satisfied before leaving negative feedback please give me the opportunity to make it right. Thanks so much. God Bless!


Acne Salve, Blemish Prone Salve, Psoriasis & Eczema Salve, Inflammation Salve

  • Please feel free to contact me if you have a problem with your order, and I will do my best to resolve the issue. Thanks and God Bless!

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